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OTOFIX IM1 Car Key Programmer with IMMO
OTOFIX IM1 Car Key Programmer with IMMO


Advanced IMMO & Key Programming Tool

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OTOFIX BT1 Battery Tester
OTOFIX BT1 Battery Tester


More than a battery tester. More than accurate.

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OTOFIX D1 Diagnostic Tablet Automotive Scanner
OTOFIX D1 Diagnostic Tablet Automotive Scanner


Intelligent Diagnostic Tablet

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OTOFIX Diagnostic Tools

OTOFIX is an innovative line of automotive diagnostics and scanning tools, specifically designed with you - the driver - in mind. OTOFIX gives you the ability to take control of your vehicle repair and maintenance in ways not possible since automobiles were computerized.

OTOFIX D1 Diagnostic Tablet and BT1 Battery Tester

New Technology
For A New Generation

Maybe you were around for the old days when you’d spend all day in your driveway or garage working on your engine, cleaning and fine tuning each part to make it sing. And then computer technology made automobile repair a black box of mystery only knowable by your dealership or trusted shop. ​

OTOFIX has made that box transparent again. Our tools scan your automobile’s on-board computer, its battery, and even its keyless entry system for any problems and help you fix them on the spot. 

The OTOFIX Tool Lines

No longer the secret domain of commercial repair shops, OTOFIX makes these technologies available to you - at an affordable price and in a convenient design. With OTOFIX hardware and software, you'll have tools designed to address the needs of your specific vehicle make, model, and year.

Diagnostic Tools

Battery Testers

Key Programming

OTOFIX Video Library

The MaxiFIX Repair Master App

An all-in-one repair solution that guarantees the condition of your vehicle anytime and anywhere.


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Expert Remote Help

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Device/Report Management

Download MaxiFIX & Get Back On The Road Faster


MaxiFIX, our cloud-based app is backed by OTOFIX Technical Support. This is where you’ll monitor all your OTOFIX diagnostic tools, code readers, and battery testing tools so that you know you can depend on your vehicle to perform to its full potential.

Launch the MaxiFix Repair Master app and gain immediate access to digital diagnostics tests, detailed repair instructions, remote expert support, and even information on parts.

Diagnostic Tablet Automotive Scanner seeks expert online services through autel cloud platform

Expert Remote Help

A professional and reliable expert is online and ready to assist you with any diagnostics issue.


High-quality diagnostic cases and fixes available for you to look up anytime.

High-quality diagnostic cases and fixes available
The report records on the phone.

Device/Report Management

Maintenance reports are kept in the cloud, allowing you to check the device and report records anytime and anywhere.


With OTOFIX, The Fix Is In

With OTOFIX tools, the DIY automotive enthusiast or neighborhood repair club can take car maintenance back into their own hands and regain control over performance, repair quality, and cost. Whether you're a grease-loving, knob-tweaking, custom car innovator or just someone who likes to know why that damn engine light keeps coming on, OTOFIX will shift you into high gear.


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